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Results – Futurity 2021

Ncha Europe K RANCH Open A.A. Composite

01.ReportResultSheet Open


Airone Trophy Open

02.ReportResultSheet Airone Open


Ncha Europe $25.000 Limit Rider

03.ReportResultSheet $25K


Ncha Europe SACCHETTI $5.000 Novice

04.ReportResultSheet $5K


Ncha Europe Non Pro A.A. Composite show

05.ReportResultSheet Non Pro


Airone Trophy Non Pro

06.ReportResultSheet Airone Non Pro


Ncha Europe $50.000 Amateur Composite

07.ReportResultSheet $50K


Ncha Europe$15.000 Amateur Composite

08.ReportResultSheet $15K


Ncha Europe $2.000 Limit Rider Composite

09.ReportResultSheet $2K


Ncha Europe $1.000 Amateur Composite

10.ReportResultSheet $1K


Ncha Europe ELIT STAR Youth Composite

11.ReportResultSheet Youth


Ncha of Italy Novice Riders

12.ReportResultSheet Novice Riders


Ncha of Italy ELIT STAR Futurity Open

13.ReportResultSheet FOpen


Ncha of Italy Futurity Limited Open

14.ReportResultSheet FLopen


Ncha of Italy Futurity Non Pro

15.ReportResultSheet FNonPro


Ncha of Italy Futurity Limited Non Pro

16.ReportResultSheet FLnonpro


Ncha of Italy Futurity Non Pro 3 years old

17.ReportResultSheet FNpro3